<b>Why SevaVotes?</b> - Because it connects politics with ethical values. It creates an opportunity to infuse politics with the dharma values of transformational seva. <b>Register to Vote</b> - Transform seva values into actions at the polls <b>About Us</b> - ...A group of volunteers transforming seva into civic awareness and political action across our nation... <b>Join Us</b> - Get involved today! Become a SevaVotes Leader  <b>Pledge to vote!</b> - Make a difference.... Get your voice heard and seva counted.

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SevaVotes…Yes seva does transform. It creates waves of change, an inside out development approach…

“We are the change we want to see!...The Best Way To Find Yourself Is To Lose Yourself In The Service Of Others" -Mahatma Gandhi- ...Be a part of SevaVotes – a nonpartisan effort to awaken and energize a new demographic of aware, ethical, mindful and pluralistic voters...

    Why SevaVotes?

    Public Service is Seva for our country. Voting is our right to influence the direction of  our country.


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    We are a non-partisan group of volunteers simply encouraging voting.


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