Dear Seva volunteers!

Public Service is Seva for our country.  It is the highest kind of seva for our country as it shapes the direction and policies. Voting is our right to influence the direction of our country and the way political seva is conducted. But, only if we get involved and vote.

September 25th is national voter registration day.   Through our seva we can make a difference. Register to vote and mobilize others in the community to register to vote. Become SevaVotes Leaders. We can apply our seva values of ethics, spirituality and pluralism to the political process and bring a positive social, political, economic, health, education, geo-political change.

Many of us who do seva (service as a self realization process), find we are applying the principles of our spiritual practice (sadhana) in many spheres of our lives and are transforming.  Our namaste honors Divinity within each of us.  We serve understanding the whole world is one single family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam). We find our seva affecting our inner self, and see its experience of ethics in the way we work and play, what we buy, the way we treat people, and how we engage in relationships. Let’s extend that transformative awareness to the decisions we make for our schools, communities and our country and express the spiritual transformation through ethics and values in our civic life, locally, nationally and in the presidential campaign.  Read more at Huffingtonpost blog:  Invoking Ganesh Principles and Pluralistic Dharmic Seva to Positively Impact American Politics.

In 2008, 6 million voters did not vote because they missed a registration deadline or did not know how to register. Now, no one should be left out. The Hindu and Dharmic community is becoming an increasingly powerful segment of the American electorate! So we must get our vote counted and voice heard.

Are you registered to vote? If not you need to register at your state level. Do you know in some states you can register online, otherwise you have to fill in and mail the form? Do you know you can mail your vote if you are out of town on November 6th? Do you know you can mail in if you will not to be able to vote in person? Do you know where your polling station is? Do you know you have to mail in your vote ahead of time? Do you know you can mail in your vote if you are serving in the military overseas? Or if you are a US citizen overseas? The information below will guide you.


If you are a citizen, start with a Pledge to Vote…. I’m going to vote this year. I Pledge! And register to vote if you are not registered as yet.

If you are not a citizen, you can still participate. Volunteer in many ways… such as mobilize voter registration drives, bring registered voters to the polls, get involved…become a leader.


1. Volunteer and organize voter registration drives on National Voter Registration Day and beyond this Week.
2. Be a Transformation Seva Leader. Set up voter registration drives in your community at a place of worship, public library, local stores and Dharmic or South Asian events.  You can download the material on our website. Tell us where you are organizing and we will post on
3. Distribute voter education materials within your community. You can download the material on our website.
4. Be a Transformation Seva Leader partner. Publicize the campaign to your membership/network and support us by recruiting volunteers in your organization. Tell us where you are organizing and we will post on
5. Spread the word about our campaign and voter registration drives. Forward this email, follow at Facebook and twitter @Sevavotes. or @HASevaUSA


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